Calendar Settings

Time Matters Basic Calendar Settings

Customizing Your Calendar

Display Options provides for customizing your Calendar.

Right-click anywhere within the calendar and select Display Options. Select the tab Daily/Multi-Day.

Select the desired Time Interval.

You have the option to view the Classic Calendar, to have the calendar display the way it did in earlier versions. (The parallel view is only available in the Classic Calendar setting.)

Set Weekend Color to contrast with Weekday Color to help avoid the possibility of entering a 2PM entry on 2AM.

Choosing to Show Record checkboxes will allow you to process multiple records right from the calendar.  You can Show Record checkboxes on the main calendar, and the support records.

Choose to show the Reference Calendar, and display on the right or left of the main calendar. Use the ‘drag’ on the separator bar to view more or less of the Reference Calendar.

Choose to show Supporting Records, and which are to be displayed.

Choose to show Staff under the Reference Calendar, or across the top of the main calendar.