Recent New Features

Newly added features in Time Matters include:

TM Mobility: Access your contacts and matters from your smart phone web browser.  Enter time and expense entries from your phone.  Data is real-time and is never stored on the phone. 

AutoTXT Codes:   Text that is recalled by using a 3-4 character code and pressing the spacebar.   AutoTXT can be used in any type record subject or memo field.   Hint:  Use a special character in front of the code to avoid having text recall  when you don’t want it.   For instance,  the word pay recalls an entire sentence, but only when I key a dash before the word.  So, “-pay” and spacebar does; “pay” and spacebar does not

Create and Email Document as PDF:  You can convert an existing document to a pdf with a mouse-click.  You can also right-click a document record  and choose to ‘Email as a PDF’.   The program quickly converts the file to a pdf format and attaches it to an email form, ready for your message to be inserted.

User Definable Records:  If there is not a record-type in Time Matters that suits your particular  needs, create your own.  Add up to 5 user definable records.  There are two flavors: Date or Name.  These records have 35 customizable fields, and can be related to records such as contacts and matters.  And the fields can be accessed using merge or Formattable Clipboard.   Some examples:  List of Client Assets,  People Associated with a Case,  Damages Details, Insurance Company Contacts;  the possibilities are endless. 

Windows Explorer – Send to Time Matters:  Have a bunch of documents you want to relate to a matter?  Haven’t had time to set up document management?   Go to the containing folder, highlight the documents, and righ-click.  Select the option Send to Time Matters.  Create the document record profiles automatically.